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Jan 30, 2016
35 posts since Jan 30, 2016
Starting at the frontline with the Check In, I accumulated more than 20 years of varied airline experience within the Lufthansa Group.
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Jul 05, 2017
17 posts since Jul 05, 2017
I'm a bilingual Product Marketing Manager at Lido with almost 10 years' experience in marketing, communications and event management. My academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Applied Science, Master of Business and Master of Science.
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Jan 30, 2016
14 posts since Jan 30, 2016
I’m currently serving as Senior Product Manager for Lufthansa Systems. In my role, I’m responsible for strategic product development of SchedConnect, a software product for codeshare management and schedule management.
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Oct 04, 2018
8 posts since Oct 04, 2018
Involved in inflight entertainment for 40 years, Michael Childers ran the first and largest independent IFE content distribution company for 12 years, then launched LightStream Communications Group as president and CEO which he ran for five years before becoming an independent consultant.