Sirax User Conference: Lufthansa Systems presents new module for automatic tax calculation

Sirax User Conference: Lufthansa Systems presents new module for automatic tax calculation
Jun 27, 2018

Airline customers of the revenue accounting solution meet up in Hamburg

Lufthansa Systems is hosting its 13th Sirax User Conference this week. The Sirax community is meeting in Hamburg from June 26 to 28. At the event, Lufthansa Systems presents new features for the Sirax product family such as the new X1 Tax Module for automatic tax calculation. Around 50 attendees, including representatives of 20 customer airlines of all sizes and business models, will use the conference to discuss current issues and trends, and define new ideas for upcoming releases.

“Efficient and accurate revenue accounting has to meet requirements that are complex and sometimes change dynamically. Tax regulations and country-specific aspects also need to be considered,” said Andreas Reimann, Head of Finance & Commercial Products & Solutions at Lufthansa Systems. “Our Sirax product family is ideally positioned to meet these requirements with the new X1 Tax Module, and it is continuously advanced, updated and enhanced together with our customers.”

The new X1 Tax Module, which is part of the Sirax revenue accounting solution, calculates all applicable taxes fully automatically based on travel data. The system checks tax regulations and other conditions (YQ/YR conditions) depending on the routing, issue terms and other details of a passenger’s trip and applies the appropriate taxes for the trip. Tax calculation is based on Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) tax rules (X1/2) and thus includes all required charges, levies and fees (TTBS/RATD, YQ/YR and PFC). All daily updates provided by ATPCO are automatically fed into the tax module’s database.

The new functionality has been developed on customer request and is now available to all Sirax customers. Many product enhancements such as this new feature are initiated directly by the community, including new functionalities for automatically detecting scheduled changes, bug fixes related to the Fare Calculation Box, and workflow improvements.

Prior to the annual user conference, the community always comes together without Lufthansa Systems to collect suggestions for product enhancements and discuss which ideas deliver the greatest benefit to airlines. These ideas are then presented during the conference. “This approach is unique in the industry and highly appreciated by our customers,” said Reimann. “It enables us to adapt the Sirax revenue accounting solution even more precisely to client-specific requirements.”

In addition to new functionalities, Lufthansa Systems also presents the new Sirax product family portfolio at this year’s user conference. The product family includes revenue accounting products like Sirax/RA, Sirax/Credit and Sirax/Cockpit, services such as providing the new X1 Tax Module as a web service, and encryption systems (pEngine, sEngine). Lufthansa Systems also offers corresponding consulting services.

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This video contains impressions and customer statements from the most recent Sirax User Conference in 2017:

Caption (copyright Lufthansa Systems): The Sirax product family supports airlines in revenue accounting.

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