Lido/mPilot – New app from Lufthansa Systems bundles all mobile navigation solutions

Lido/mPilot – New app from Lufthansa Systems bundles all mobile navigation solutions
Jan 28, 2015
Lido/mPilot app

Lufthansa Systems today announced that it now offers a new app for flexible flight preparation.

Lido/mPilot is an all-in-one navigation solution and bundles the three existing flight deck apps – Lido/iRouteManual, Lido/Enroute and Lido/DocView, which are being used by more than 40 airlines – in a single application. Aimed exclusively at airline pilots, the Lido/mPilot app supports their workflow during a flight. Lido/mPilot is now available in the Apple App Store.

The main functions that were previously available in the individual apps are now combined and enhanced in one app. The modern look and feel of the app is consistent and intuitive to use. “Our new app is modern, user-friendly and flexible. Lido/mPilot optimally supports pilots during flight preparation and navigation. The new supplemental functions improve pilots’ situational awareness and enable them to retrieve the information they need in the flight deck even more quickly, intelligently and reliably,” said Stefan Auerbach, Executive Vice President Airline Solutions at Lufthansa Systems. “Lido/mPilot also simplifies administrative processes on the ground to help reduce costs.”

The new app features a seamless worldwide enroute map as well as precise airport, approach and departure charts that were previously available in Lido/iRouteManual. All of the charts show true-to-scale geographic and aeronautical information, including terrain and obstacles such as high masts or skyscrapers. Matching the Lido/Enroute solution, the app offers dynamically generated enroute maps, along with a document management and distribution system like Lido/DocView, which pilots can use to access documents and messages at home or on the go.

Lido/mPilot also has some impressive new functions that improve flight deck workflow efficiency. For example, the app features a new, simplified status overview illustrated with intuitive icons. This gives pilots an overview of which updates are relevant to their upcoming flight and which can be downloaded later. Important information can also be sent directly to pilots using push notifications.

Information is organized intuitively as well. Simply tapping the charts for a specific flight will add them to the so-called flight folder. It is also possible to make notes in the app and highlight important points on the charts. All of this information is saved and available when needed. The own ship position depicted on the highlighted route makes navigation easier as well. Furthermore, Lido/mPilot enables data sharing with third-party Electronic Flight Bag applications. Air Traffic Control (ATC) flight plans, for example, can be loaded into the app. The same applies to pre-defined company routes. This eliminates the need for manual entry, which makes the pilots’ workflow much easier.

The increased use of apps is a trend that also has a positive impact on the environment as the charts and documents required for the preparation of flights no longer have to be printed out. Instead, pilots can conveniently load them onto their iPads, which in turn saves resources.

The individual Lido/iRouteManual, Lido/Enroute and Lido/DocView apps will continue to be available to existing customers for the time being. These customers are encouraged to migrate to the enhanced new app by the fall of 2015. Starting immediately, new customers will receive the new Lido/mPilot app.

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