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Lido/Flight 4D – for next-generation flight planning
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May 07, 2015

Lufthansa Systems launches project to further enhance its flight planning system / Close cooperation with customers and partners

Lufthansa Systems today announced a comprehensive enhancement of its leading Lido/Flight flight planning system. At the Lido User Group meeting from May 6-7 in Antalya, Turkey, the airline IT specialist presented this project to representatives of its customer base. The name for the new-generation product was also announced: Lido/Flight 4D.

The core of the Lido/Flight system, which has performed successfully in the market for over 15 years, is the interactive and automated planning of optimal flight routes. Dispatchers can take into account a variety of optimization criteria, including flight time, fuel consumption and total costs. Every day, more than 30,000 flights for over 60 airlines are calculated with Lido/Flight. By modernizing the system, Lufthansa Systems plans to further expand its market share.

The enhancements will focus on modern 4D optimization based on various target functions as well as the further automation of flight planning and control processes. Functional restructuring and redesign along with the migration to current technologies will further boost the product’s existing strengths. A new service-oriented architecture should enable fast implementation times and cost-efficient operations, maintenance and further development.

With these new features, Lido/Flight 4D will meet the flight planning and control requirements of the year 2020. A vision of the challenges facing flight dispatchers in the future was discussed with customers in advance. These customers will also contribute their knowledge and practical experience to the actual development of the product. Additional expertise will be supplied by various partners who are collaborating with Lufthansa Systems on this project.

The development of Lido/Flight 4D is an example of how Lufthansa Systems invests in innovative IT solutions based on the latest technologies in order to provide new momentum to airline IT. The IT specialist was restructured a good four weeks ago: The former Airline Solutions division is now operating as an independent company continuing the tradition of the successful Lufthansa Systems brand. The company is headed by two experienced managers and experts in airline IT – Stefan Auerbach and Olivier Krüger.

“The restructuring has made us more flexible and agile, and airline IT is now our main business,” said Stefan Auerbach, CEO of Lufthansa Systems. “By offering innovative solutions such as Lido/Flight 4D, we will continue to shape the future of airline IT.”

Airline IT is about to experience a quantum leap in technology: Digitization, Mobility and Big Data are bringing fundamental change to business processes and the role of IT in aviation. New IT solutions can make airlines even more efficient and flexible. At the same time, advances in technology are offering airlines a way to differentiate themselves from the competition by providing a unique service that is customized to match personal needs and preferences. Lufthansa Systems will be increasing the solutions it offers to this dynamic segment.

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About Lufthansa Systems
Lufthansa Systems GmbH & Co. KG is a leading airline IT provider. Based on long-term project experience, a deep understanding of complex business processes and strong technological know-how, the company provides consulting and IT services for the global aviation industry. Over 300 airlines worldwide rely on the know-how of IT specialists at Lufthansa Systems. Its portfolio covers innovative IT products and services which provide added value for its customers in terms of enhanced efficiency, reduced costs or increased profits. Headquartered in Raunheim near Frankfurt/Main, Germany, Lufthansa Systems has offices in 16 other countries.

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