Airline Consulting: Unique combination of airline IT and independent business consulting

The airline world is growing ever more complex. Competitive pressure on airlines is rising in the international market. In order to stay profitable, airlines must explore new fields of business and continually optimize their existing processes. These challenges have led to a greater demand for professional consulting. The Consulting division of Lufthansa Systems supports airlines in all of these areas and provides independent consultation throughout the life cycle of a project.

Airlines are no longer merely transportation companies. Instead, they are developing into full-service travel providers which have to guarantee their passengers a unique travel experience in order to ensure customer loyalty. Customer needs have evolved with the digital age, and passengers are now demanding more: more comfort, special amenities and comprehensive service. As a result, costs are rising while the profit per seat is falling. This has forced airlines to change their perspective – from simply selling seats in an aircraft to providing integrated services along the entire travel chain. They also have to contend with the continually changing requirements of aviation authorities like IATA and new statutory provisions on the national level. The Consulting division of Lufthansa Systems offers comprehensive guidance relating to process design, process optimization and airline IT for airlines in this complex environment. With its combination of airline expertise, consulting methodology and an understanding of the needs of decision-makers, Lufthansa Systems occupies a unique global position here.

Background: Airline experience coupled with IT know-how
Lufthansa Systems is part of the Lufthansa Group. The consulting arm of the company was established when the IT subsidiary was founded in 1995, and it has continued to evolve ever since. Lufthansa Systems has weathered many far-reaching changes in the industry, including stricter aviation security measures, the escalating price war triggered by the rise of low-cost carriers and the latest challenges posed by the national carriers of the Middle East – not to mention the rapid development of airline IT and the accompanying transformation of airline processes and market demands. This background has produced a unique combination of well-founded expertise in every aspect of airline IT as well as extensive consulting experience covering all airline processes, including operational flight management, passenger service, crew planning, ground handling and revenue management. Forward-looking issues such as the real-time planning and control of airline operations, automated flight operations and the changes instigated by the NDC (New Distribution Capability) initiative of IATA are identified and addressed early on.
The experts in the Consulting division have spent more than 20 years working for international airlines of all sizes with various business models – they tackle both the challenges faced by airlines and the potential solutions offered by IT. While most consultancies specialize in a single area – IT, business processes or management, for example – the Consulting division of Lufthansa Systems covers the entire spectrum of consulting for airlines, thus ensuring that problems are always examined holistically.

Structured approach – direct implementation
The consultants’ approach combines expert knowledge with methodology, and the scope and focus of the consulting services are based on the goals of the customer. The consultants look at problems from a methodological perspective, taking every phase of a project into consideration. They also offer professional consultation relating to specific solutions. What sets Lufthansa Systems’ consultants apart is their independence. When it comes to choosing the right IT solution, they always focus on the needs of the respective customer. They evaluate every available solution in a neutral and professional way and work with the customer to find the best product – regardless of whether it comes from Lufthansa Systems or a competitor.
The Consulting division focuses on independent advice and long-term support and partnership, not on short-term sales thinking. This objective approach clearly distinguishes the consultants from their competitors and promises customers a service that is unique in the market. If a customer decides on certain measures after the consultation – the implementation of a change management process or new solution, for example – Lufthansa Systems Consulting can supply specialists to carry out the project.


  • Passenger Airline Processes: optimizing the processes of passenger airlines
  • Airline IT Governance: integrating modern structures, such as cloud technologies, into existing IT landscapes
  • Program & Project Management: agile management of projects and companies
  • Airline Digitization: advice on transforming data into information
  • Application Lifecycle Management: end-to-end consulting and support in make-or-buy scenarios
  • Professional Services: well-trained, efficient workforce

One step ahead of the future
IT no longer merely supports business; it actually defines modern business processes through and through. Digitization has not passed by the airline industry. From navigation solutions on the iPad to crew planning forecasts based on data analyses, mobility and big data are important and forward-looking issues for airlines. What’s more: As industry experts and specialists, the Lufthansa Systems consultants of today are already dealing with the issues of tomorrow.

  • What will airline processes look like in the future?
  • What changes are companies facing in the industry?
  • How can airlines respond to them in time?

When it comes to these questions, too, the consultants of Lufthansa Systems are the right people to ask. They help their customers stay one step ahead of the challenges of tomorrow.