Airline Competence Consulting Portfolio

Structured approach – direct implementation
The Lufthansa Systems consultancy approach combines airline business expertise and IT knowledge with methodology whereat the scope and focus of the consulting services are based on the goals of the customer.
What Consulting@LSY offers for airlines
Passenger Airline ProcessesAirline Processes - Optimizing the processes of passenger airlines
Airline Processes

As airline industry experts and specialists Lufthansa Systems has profound expertise in passenger airline processes. The consultants offer process specific knowledge on today's and tomorrow's airline world along the whole value chain. The consulting services are product independent and always aligned with the customer's requirements or needs. From pre-flight through onboard to post-flight: Lufthansa Systems consultants know the crucial factors and how to support these with efficient IT processes.

Airline DigitzationAirline Digitization - Applying digital technologies to airline and advising on transforming data into information
Mobility Consulting

The business processes of the airlines undergo a significant change towards digitization: Wireless connectivity, portable devices and cloud computing. Passengers expect to move within their accustomed digital environment when travelling the world. We help you to achieve this maturity level of modern technology. Thus Lufthansa Systems consulting experts concern themselves today with the issues of tomorrow. How will the mobile technology revolution affect existing business processes? Our end-to-end experience in enterprise mobility strategy consulting combined with our unique airline business know-how offers our customers a full-stack service for their process digitization.

Business Intelligence, Big Data

IT-Systems all along the process chain generate and collect an enormous amount of data. Working with this data is the key to find hidden information that will lead to the optimazation of an airline's business. Lufthansa Systems' data science experts know how to handle complex data analysis and how to retrieve valuable information.They show the customers the road to true business benefits by helping to manage the digital transformation.

Inflight Entertainment

The necessity of having Inflight Entertainment and Inflight Connectivy Systems in the competitive airline world is not a question of yes or no anymore: Airlines that want to differentiate their product from the competition, need a profound IFE strategy. Lufthansa Systems does not only provide an award winning product but also consultants that advise product independently. These specialists are experienced in working on unique IFE strategies and how to how to enchant their customer's passengers with the latest technologies.

Cyber Risk Management

Digital threats are changing the world of enterprise security continuously. The risk of an attack is ubiquitous. Traditional solutions are prone to fail in the fight against cyber criminals. Lufthansa Systems' experts know how next generation cyber security strategies can change this scenario to the airline's advantage. They benefit from the experience made by one of the biggest airlines worldwide and proven approaches to protect the organization against invisible threats.

Program and Project ManagementProgram and Project Management - Consulting services with high quality by adapting the best fit methodologies tailored to customers' problems
Method Consulting

Lufthansa Systems' consultants make sure that our customer's do not only know their future state or project goals but have a well-thought approach to get there, too. By mastering a field-tested methodology toolbox, we ensure that every action is coordinated and efficiently planned as well as executed.

Project Management Consulting

Lufthansa Systems' consultants enable their customers to successfully conduct their projects and reach their goals. Independent from the size of the project or even program, we show how to deliver in time, budget and scope. The tailor-made approach can as well be convential and static as it can be unconvential and agile - always focussing on the needs of the organization. Though structures and methods are important, our consultants do always focus likewise on people and change. This combination is the key to our customer's success.

ALMApplication Lifecycle - Supporting IT development projects @airlines
AMS (Application Management Services)

Many organizations find themselves with a complex digital environment that is difficult to manage and costly to maintain. Application management consulting services cover all aspects of the technical, functional and design challenges to effectively leverage today’s digital platforms.

Architecture, Concepts, Frameworks

Finding the best technology solution for the nowadays highly complex business problems of airlines is a challenge. The Lufthansa Systems' solution architecture consultants are engineers with high technical knowledge including today’s and tomorrow’s IT trends. This background combined with profound method and consulting knowledege allow a tailor made approach with regards to an economic design and airline specific requirements. Customer's benefit from elaborated advice, technical concepts and frameworks which fit perfectly to their business.

Business Analysis

In the competitive airline world it is crucial to optimize and renew processes as well as IT systems to stay ahead in the game. Old monolithical IT structures and over complex processes must be holistically analyzed and requirements identified. Lufthansa Systems' business analysis consultants have a clear focus on methodological excellence in combination with sound airline process knowledge. Thus the airlines do not only profit from a professional approach but also from years of experience in this field.

Test Management, Test Concepts

Improving grown structures, replacing old IT systems and related ventures are often thought to be managed by a good software development only. However the key to a successful integration of new and improved systems is a holistic quality assurance with an adaquate test management. Lufthansa Systems' consultants advise on all test management phases from high level test strategy definition through test concept to creating test plans and selecting the right test management tools.

Airline IT GovernanceAirline IT Governance - Profit from the full project life cycle from airline strategy activation to de-commission
Management Consulting

Lufthansa Systems' consultants support decision makers to find the optimal solution for their airline specific problems, based on ROI, costs, time to market and management of risk.

Strategy Consulting

Lufthansa Systems' consultants support airlines to position themselves in the continuously evolving airline market: how to transform basic business decisions into organisaion, processes and IT.


What products are aligned with the airline’s strategy now and what are their potentials to deliver value for the customers on long term? Lufthansa Systems' customers profit from profound advisory services that is always focused on specific airline-related challenges.


Does the current organizational structure supports the airline’s strategy in the best possible way? Lufthansa Systems' consultants support realizing an airline's need of organizational change in alignment with its strategy and portfolio.


Innovation is not a result of luck but the result of a well planned process that helps thinking laterally. Lufthansa Systems' offers the whole spectrum of innovation management and helps its customers to identify potentials, create ideas and implement solutions.

Provider Management

As outsourcing is a strategic decision, its success needs time to show. Hence provider management is critical control task. Lufthansa Systems' consultants support airlines to work out outsourcing strategies, to establish tactical and operational control and create powerful relationship management between the airline business, IT organization and providers.

Make-or-buy decisions

Make-or-buy decisions take place almost daily - on tactical as well as on strategic levels. Customer's profit of Lufthansa Systems' broad overview on the airline IT provider market as well as of the field-proven approach. Depending on the requirements we do not only provide the methods to set up and execute the decision process but also support the execution itself: The analysis of all influenting key factors results in an satisfying decision.

Business development

A successfull business development approach creates long-term value for an airline. Lufthansa Systems' consultants support their costomers to discover how the interaction of customers and markets can create opportunities for growth.

Change management

Professional change management on the organizational level is crucial for transformation processes. A lack of change management may result in an unsuccessfull project and hence in ineffiency or worse. Lufthansa Systems' consultants are expereienced in developming an holistic change strategy that is integrated to the project's implementation. Airlines receive guidance on identifying the needs of the organization as well as on developing a vision and strategy. By assessing the cultural landscape and adressing the people side of the business systematically, the change can be sustainable.

Migration Management

Transformation and transition are ever-present in organizational, functional and IT environments. Lufthansa Systems' consultants support their customers by identifying the current state as well as the traget state and how to get there. This encompasses not only a strategy but also the planning, monitoring and execution.

Bid and Contract Management

Issuing RFIs and RFPs usually create short-dated heavy workload. Tender quality and effective contract management are the key to commercial success of any procurement cycle. Lufthansa Systems' consultants experience and expertise will effectively re-structure processes, so that effectivity is significanty improved commercial targets safely achieved.

Startup Airlines Consulting

The real challenge of starting an airline is to make it a successful business. In any business, success requires entrepreneurship, passion, dedication and a bit of luck. But airlines are not like any other business. It is a high cost, high skill, technology driven business that operates on narrow margins. To make airline a successful business it requires experience of many years in the industry and knowledge that can only come from being part of an airline business every day. Since Lufthansa Systems' has more than 20 years experience in the airline business its consultants are the perfect partners for an upcoming airline.

Professional ServicesProfessional Services - Services beyond the classic consulting: how to staff customer projects with highly qualified, experienced and flexible workforce.
Project Workforce

Lufthansa Systems’ consulting division offers a well trained, efficient workforce with broad experience in airline business, projects and products. The consultants are not only IT and method experts, but they speak the language of the airlines and know the processes by heart. We provide all qualification layers from most senior management experience to the innovative power of young generations – we give advice and we do the work.