Lufthansa Systems Poland

Lufthansa Systems Poland
Lufthansa Systems Poland

Our subsidiary in Gdańsk - Development and operating center primarily for Flight & Navigation

Lufthansa Systems Poland - a subsidiary of Lufthansa Systems

Established in 1998 in Gdańsk, Lufthansa Systems Poland is boasting a headcount of over 800 specialists in such diverse fields as IT, aviation, logistics and finance.

Our services support numerous airlines with their safety procedures for the handling of the billions of passengers flying around the world annually.

Our Digital Delivery Lab is actively driving innovation and developing digital solutions for Lufthansa Group airlines.

Among our teams you can meet programmers and testers, as well as business analysts, Scrum masters or UX designers, working in close cooperation.
Our activities include software development, middleware and operations. We facilitate work of airlines and take care for the safety of passengers.

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Lufthansa Systems Poland is continuously looking for talents – join us!

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