Product information

Here we provide background information about our company and its solutions for media representatives. For further information, please contact our press office.

Rising fuel costs, declining margins, high competitive pressure – the only way airlines can succeed in this environment is by continually optimizing their processes to improve their ability to compete. Lufthansa Systems offers a wide range of powerful, innovative IT solutions to help achieve this goal.

Lufthansa Systems is at home in the airline world. From flight operations to finance, passengers to cargo, network airlines to regional airlines and low-cost carriers – Lufthansa Systems has the ideal IT solution for every situation. These solutions help customers reduce their costs, increase their revenues and distinguish themselves from their competitors by offering new services. All of the solutions are based on Lufthansa Systems’ extensive knowledge of airline business processes and outstanding technological competence. The products from Lufthansa Systems are extremely cost-efficient and will usually pay for themselves within a very short period of time. More than 350 airlines around the world are currently using solutions from Lufthansa Systems.

In addition to IT solutions for pricing and revenue management and products for aircraft navigation, Lufthansa Systems offers solutions for planning and controlling aircraft rotations, crew management and flight operations. These solutions manage and speed up the entire network planning and control process, improve revenues and guarantee continual stability.

The portfolio of Lufthansa Systems division is divided into different categories:

  • Operations Solutions includes products from the NetLine and Lido families to cover all aspects of controlling cost-efficient, reliable and safe flight operations. Lido/FlightPlanning is one such solution which is used to plan nearly half of all flights in Europe.
  • Commercial Solutions features IT solutions from the NetLine and ProfitLine suites for long-term fleet and capacity planning as well as short-term flight scheduling and codeshare management.
  • Navigation Solutions offers products like Lido/FMS and Lido/RouteManual which are the prerequisite for precise navigation and thus safe flight operations, cost optimization and fuel savings. This portfolio also contains a number of solutions for the iPad or EFB.
  • Finance Solutions offers airlines the intelligent SIRAX® solution as well as further financial services for simplifying their complex processes while saving costs and increasing efficiency and revenues at the same time.
  • In-flight entertainment provides a new generation of onboard infotainment. With BoardConnect, an airline's entire IFE program can be transmitted to mobile devices via WiFi. Wireless technology makes the solution very light, which saves a considerable amount of fuel.

  • Airline Consulting - includes comprehensive guidance and workforce relating to functional and methodological aspects of the airline IT environment.