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Lufthansa Systems: Know-how, expertise and innovative IT solutions for the airline industry

Lufthansa Systems GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world’s leading providers of IT services in the airline industry. It draws its unique strengths from an ability to combine profound industry know-how with technological expertise and many years of project experience. Formed as a spin-off of the Lufthansa Systems Group's Airline Solutions division, the company continues the brand now familiar to the airline industry worldwide.

The company offers its more than 300 airline customers an extensive range of successful and in many cases market-leading products for the aviation industry. The innovative IT products and services in this portfolio offer customers a wide range of economic benefits while also contributing to improving efficiency and competitiveness. In addition, Lufthansa Systems also supports its customers both within and outside the Lufthansa Group with consulting services and the experience it has gained in projects for airlines of every size and business model.

Apart from improving process efficiency and optimizing resource utilization, IT also has major potential for making a positive impact on the passenger's travel experience. Accordingly, one key aspect in the development and refinement of IT solutions is to help airlines improve their understanding of customer needs and address these with intelligent IT solutions.

Innovation and progress
Digitization, Mobility and Big Data represent fundamental changes in both business processes and IT. In this context, IT is a driver for new markets, products and revenue – and the airline industry is no exception. Lufthansa Systems helps shaping these changes with innovative IT solutions while advising airlines on how to maximize the benefits from their use. These solutions are based on Lufthansa Systems’ extensive knowledge of airline business processes and outstanding technological expertise.

Data analytics can be deployed to optimize processes or services by harvesting information from large and even unstructured repositories of data – as generated by airlines in many areas of their business. One example would be the analysis of historical flight operation data to provide departure delay forecasts and optimize crew pairing.  

The same applies to data collected by airlines from passenger systems and passenger touch points. Such datasets can also be used as the basis for solutions that enable new forms of interaction between airlines and their customers to improve service quality and thus open up new sources of revenue. One sample application would be the in-cabin use of mobile devices, which provide flight attendants with all of the details they need to personalize in-cabin service for passengers. This makes it even easier to cater to the individual wishes of a specific passenger.

In the airline-passenger relationship, process digitization and data usage are the key to differentiating oneself from the competition by offering personalized products and services. Lufthansa Systems develops products that not only reference the airline's internal processes but address the individual passenger and their needs along the entire travel value chain.

One key technology in this respect is the BoardConnect WiFi platform. This platform offers more than conventional in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems and enables airlines to provide their passengers with additional services along the entire travel chain via an on-ground portal. New services to generate additional revenue, such as hotel bookings or the sale of event tickets, can be integrated at any time thanks to the open platform architecture. Data is exchanged and content updated via LTE on the ground or, if the aircraft is equipped accor-dingly, via satellite during flights. The platform approach also allows airlines to integrate mobile crew management solutions like mCabin or cockpit solutions like Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), thereby enabling new forms of interaction between crew and passengers.

Solutions for all airline business processes
Lufthansa Systems offers airlines a unique range of products covering all of an airline's business processes – in the cockpit, in the cabin and on the ground. Furthermore, its portfolio is focused on meeting the respective demands of different airline business models. Network airlines, regional airlines and low-cost carriers all benefit from solutions that are customized to their respective needs.

Since the individual applications connect with one another, they can be aggregated into an end-to-end solution capable of presenting information in the context of a particular business process, thus enabling an integrated perspective. A standard user interface and a high level of standardization enhance usability and productivity. Since the applications are also modular, airlines can modify the feature set to suit their own needs. With this strategy, Lufthansa Systems has a leading role in the airline IT market. The products from Lufthansa Systems are also highly cost-efficient and will usually pay for themselves within a short period of time.

The portfolio is divided into different categories:

  • Commercial Solutions include IT solutions from the NetLine and ProfitLine suites for long-term fleet and capacity planning as well as short-term flight scheduling and codeshare management to increase efficiency and flexibility, thereby enhancing airlines’ competitiveness.
  • Operations Solutions include products from the NetLine and Lido families to cover all aspects of controlling cost-efficient, reliable and safe flight operations. Lido/Flight-Planning is one such solution which is used to plan nearly half of all flights in Europe. By optimizing routing of 30,000 flights each day, airlines worldwide reduce fuel consumption, environmental impact and costs.
  • Flight Deck Solutions include products such as Lido/FMS and Lido/RouteManual that establish the fundamental conditions necessary for precise navigation and thus safe flight operations as well as cost optimization and fuel savings. The portfolio also includes comprehensive solutions for iPad or for use with the EFB. Products in this category are used by over 100 airlines worldwide.
  • Finance Solutions offer airlines the market-leading revenue accounting solution Sirax Global for simplifying their increasingly complex financial processes and providing high-quality sets of data to support business-critical decision-making.
  • In-Flight Entertainment/BoardConnect offers airlines a wireless in-cabin platform that allows passengers to use their own devices (BYOD) to enjoy an extensive range of entertainment and information services. Internet and email usage is also supported once an aircraft has been equipped with a broadband connection. Wireless technology makes the solution very light, which results in considerable fuel savings.

Competitive advantage through product diversity
As a full-service provider, Lufthansa Systems offers the development, implementation, maintenance and operation of these products and customized software, as well as consulting and IT-related services. This broad-based business model is a key advantage over providers who have specialized in individual market segments. In contrast, Lufthansa Systems offers IT solutions for all business processes, whatever the airline's size and business model. The individual solutions are also modular and harmonized with one another to ensure they continue to offer airlines major benefits even as they grow or change their business models.


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