Corporate Responsibility

Milky way, mountain, people
Milky way, mountain, people

Acting responsibly to ensure a sustainable future

Our business activities not only affect our economic situation but also have an impact on our natural environment and on society. At Lufthansa Systems, we are well aware of our corporate responsibilities and we take them very seriously.

Our sense of corporate responsibility influences how we interact with the environment, our employees, and society at large. We have integrated sustainable and responsible-minded conduct as a business into our company culture, and focus squarely on it as part of our day-to-day activities. Examples of how we honor our corporate responsibilities include preventive action on climate and the environment, ensuring we listen to our employees’ concerns, engaging with many community issues, and taking care that all our business dealings are compliant with the law.

As can be seen, we believe corporate responsibility does not simply mean protecting the environment, but encompasses more aspects and covers our business activities on several levels. We have grouped together our most important projects and programs into the following four categories:


  1. Responsibility to the climate and the environment
    Improving preventive action on climate and the environment is a key part of our contribution to sustainable growth.

  2. Social responsibility as an employer
    We ensure that our employees are treated fairly at all times and thus meet our social responsibility as an employer.

  3. Civic engagement
    Outside our actual business activities, we engage with issues of interest to local communities and society at large.

  4. Compliance
    A key pillar of our corporate activities is conducting our business with integrity and in compliance with the law.