Awards & Certifications

PCI DSS Certificate

After the annual audit, we have again received the PCI certificate for our pEngine. The most important function of the pEngine is to tokenize and protect the credit card numbers of our customers who purchased tickets or other services on the Lufthansa website. It is also the place where the protective functions against possible cyber-attacks are located.

Wherever our Payment Hub is in use, the pEngine guarantees security for all data used throughout the payment process. And not only for payment functions, but also for reconciling who paid what and when with what all data are protected by the pEngine.

EASA Certificate Type 1 & Type 2

The EASA Certificate Type 1 & Type 2 covers the Lido navigational database (Lido FMS), Lido AMDB and Lido Surface Data and is proof of compliance against the requirements as stipulated in Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/373 and RTCA DO-200B / EUROCAE ED-76A. The EASA Certificate can be used during IOSA to prove Lufthansa Systems’ regulatory conformity. The EASA Certificate is equivalent to an FAA Letter of Acceptance (LoA) Type 1 & Type 2.

World's Leading Inflight Entertainment Provider 2019

Lufthansa Systems has been awarded at 26th Annual World Travel Awards/Grand Final Gala Ceremony 2019 as "World's Leading Inflight Entertainment Provider 2019" for our Inflight Entertainment BoardConnect.

IATA certification for ONE Order

On 17/04/2019, Lufthansa Systems was granted “ONE Order Capable” status as Accounting Provider for its ONE Order-based solution SIRAX, under the ONE Order Certification Program. This designation recognizes that SIRAX supports deployments for Flights and Ancillaries whose schemas are compliant with the standard ONE Order message schema, version 18.2.

German Brand Award 2019

In 2019, Lufthansa Systems received two German Brand Awards for its new and integrated brand identity: "Corporate Brand of the Year 2019" and “Excellent Brands – Corporate Services”. Both prizes recognize the outstanding cross-industry brand management in the competition’s most prestigious categories. Excellent Brands also honors the best product and corporate brands in an industry.

Most attractive employers Germany

Every year the employer-branding consultancy Universum asks students in a survey which companies are attractive to them, what qualities they value in employers. Lufthansa Systems is ranked 17th among IT students in the current employer ranking.

World's Leading Inflight Entertainment Provider 2018

Lufthansa Systems has been awarded at 25th Annual World Travel Awards/Grand Final Gala Ceremony 2018 as "World's Leading Inflight Entertainment Provider 2018" for our Inflight Entertainment BoardConnect

Onboard Hospitality Award

Lufthansa Systems won the 2018 Onboard Hospitality Award in the category "Best Use of Onboard Technology" for its BoardConnect Suite. Assessment criteria were e.g. Innovation, First Impressions, Quality, Usefulness, Design, Functionality, Content, Adding to the Customer Experience...