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Feb 18, 2016
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I am active in the airline industy since 1995 - starting as group controller responsible for Cost Accounting in LSG Sky Chefs in Hong Kong and Bangkok. This was followed by several years in LH Consulting, restructuring and interims management positions such as CFO and setting up business plans for major airlines. Since 2015 I am responsible for a SAP based Cost Accounting solution at LSY which is its first product of its kind enabling airlines to digitize the whole process from budgeting to Route Profitability reporting to invoice verification.
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Using efficient body language to persuade others

Tuesday, Aug 06, 2019, 13:27
Everyone talks about using new technologies to increase efficiency. But the success of any business undertaking actually depends on the quality of its management. In my job as a consultant, I’ve wondered how I can improve this. As an enthusiastic rider, I came up with the idea of using horses as effective coaches.
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