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Henrik Edlund

Product Owner for Lido/WebPortal
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Oct 04, 2018
At just 16 years of age, Henrik gained his Glider Pilot License. In 2017 he completed his MSc(Eng) Information and Communication Technologies and joined Lufthansa Systems later in the year as Product Analyst for DDS. In late-2018, he was promoted to Product Owner for DDS where he is helping to shape the future of connectivity in our charting applications. Henrik’s interests include all things aviation, cyber security and software technologies.
Henrik Edlund blog post

DDS 3.6 - Effective Device Data Reports

Monday, Oct 08, 2018, 9:24
The Data Distribution System’s (DDS) main responsibility is providing Lido/mPilot and Lido/eRouteManual with data and navigation charts. However, once the data is on the device, administrators need a way to keep track of the device's status. This is where the updated Device Report comes into play.
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