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Product Owner
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Nov 21, 2017
I grew up in Paris and went on to study Aerospace Engineering in Toulouse, France. I have experience in Fuel Efficiency and Flight Optimization, and I'm now the Product Owner for Lido/mPilot. I'm obviously an aviation enthusiast, and got my PPL couple of years ago. I particularly enjoy mountain flying and diving !
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Lido mPilot 4.0 - What’s New

Wednesday, Jul 11, 2018, 9:36
We are excited to announce the release of Lido/mPilot 4.0. With this release, we are introducing two new features to Lido/mPilot and extending the Airport Moving Map (Lido/AMM) support.

Lido mPilot 3.3 - What’s New

Monday, Apr 09, 2018, 15:37
We are excited to announce the release of Lido/mPilot 3.3. With this release, we introduce two new features to the Lido/mPilot to ease pilots’ workflow and improve their situational awareness.  

Part 2: Lido AMM Features and Functionalities

Tuesday, Nov 28, 2017, 10:14
Taxiing in congested airports and under low visibility conditions is a complex task. Lido mPilot 3.0, integrated with Lido AMM, will support you during your operation, increasing your situational awareness and enabling safer taxi operations.   Missed the first Lido AMM blog? You can find Part 1 here.   Entry and highlighting capability of taxi destination:

Part 1: Lido AMM Now Seamlessly Integrated Into Lido mPilot 3.0

Tuesday, Nov 28, 2017, 10:10
Lido mPilot 3.0 is the launch of our Airport Moving Map, Lido AMM, on iOS. This release is designed to improve pilots' situational awareness during taxi operations in all weather conditions so that their attention can be focused on what really matters: safe and efficient aircraft operations.   Already read the first blog about Lido AMM? You can find Part 2 here.  
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