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Emanuel Meier

Product Analyst Lido/SurfaceData
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May 17, 2019
Starting out as an intern in the GIS and Data Management team in 2016, I have been part of the Lido/SurfaceData team since its inception. We are responsible for maintaining global obstacle and terrain databases, which are used in our charting products, but are also provided as a customized product to our customers. My work mainly consists of analyzing new data sources to ensure continued high data quality, test the newest applications from our development team and support them and the Product Owner with knowledge specific to our data domain.
Emanuel Meier blog post

Lido SurfaceData obstacle database: Growth, future developments and more

Thursday, May 23, 2019, 14:01
The Lido/SurfaceData team maintains an EASA-certified obstacle database containing predominantly manmade structures that are considered safety critical for aviation. The Airspaces and Obstacles Team in Gdańsk, Poland, codes, maintains and updates the obstacles according to publications by national authorities. Read on to find out about the growth of our database in the year 2018 and why the growth rate differs highly per region, and about future developments.
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