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Anja Reinicke

Product Standards Manager
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Sep 30, 2016
Phone: +41 44 828 1971
Since 2006 I have been working for Lufthansa Systems in different positions. I was involved in establishing the Lido/AMDB product. Currently I am holding a position as Product Standards Manager.
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RTCA Award

Friday, Oct 07, 2016, 11:23
As the Product Standards Manager for the Lido AMDB product I have been contributed to RTCA Special Committee SC-217 (Aeronautical Databases) to develop industry standards for Aerodrome Mapping Data in 2015. The finalization of the latest industry standard DO-272D (User Requirements for Aerodrome Mapping Information) has taken place in June 2015, Washington, DC. This version contains an enhanced concept for the ASRN (Aerodrome Surface Routing Network).
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