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All I Want for Christmas is a Drone

Thursday, Dec 14, 2017, 10:48
From phones to laptops, tablets, headphones and fitness trackers, tech gadgets have been at the top of Christmas wish lists for the past few years. One particular gadget broke into the mainstream market in 2015 and has been increasing in popularity ever since: the drone. In 2015 an estimated 400,000 drones were found underneath Christmas trees around the world and the number tripled to approximately 1.2 million in 2016. However, just because it has become easy to acquire a drone, doesn’t mean that people can fly a drone wherever they like…

Part 2: Lido SkyData – Applications

Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017, 6:49
If you think drones are cool, you are absolutely right. However, people don’t use them because they are cool; people use them because they do a better job than other alternatives.   Missed Part 1 of our Lido/SkyData blog series? Catch up on it here.