Lufthansa Systems stands for innovation and IT competence from a single source. The company is the only IT service provider for the airline and aviation industry to offer its customers a full-service portfolio.
Integrated Commercial Platform ICP

Are you in - for more revenue?

Sometimes, the best intentions are not enough. For many airlines, trying to stay on top of market opportunities and capture maximum revenue is like a game of darts - it is hard to hit the target.

Our Integrated Commercial Platform provides all commercial departments of your airline – network planning, schedule and revenue management, pricing, market analysis and codeshare management – with a central source of information and a singular, clear vision.

Regardless of market conditions – whether high demand, low availability and high prices, or low demand, high availability and low prices – the platform delivers. It promotes on-target decision-making across the board.

Make the most of your commercial offering. With its holistic approach, our Integrated Commercial Platform – referring to the heart and brain of your airline – enables you to make the best strategic and tactical decisions, generating substantial additional revenue potential.